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Your Local Business Guide - Keeping Business Local

If you’re an independent Local Newspaper business
you’re going to love Your Local Business Guide’s online directory service.

YLBG is a turn-key revenue stream for businesses looking to provide an online listing of their clients that connects local residents with these great local businesses.

  • Increased Revenue Per Customer using your existing sales teams
  • Additional Digital Media advertising to compliment your existing offering
  • We will help you integrate with your existing business sales process
  • Our YLBG platform is fully supported and actively managed ongoing
  • Initial copywriting for client listings and actioning all change requests

YLBG responsive websites feature a dedicated page for each businesses; complete with pictures, video, logo, phone (with click to call), fax, street address, email & website addresses, opening hours, Google map (with directions from your location) and space for a 200 word description of the services provided.

As an official Google Partner, certified in Google Adwords, we actively advertise our local business guides to potential customers searching on Google - right when they’re interested in the listed business' services.

A fully managed & supported solution

As part of our setup phase we include the initial advert copy writing to give each of your client's dedicated pages the best chance to attract online traffic. Our comprehensive ongoing service includes the website hosting and actioning of all changes your listed businesses request. Our YLBG platform is fully supported and actively managed ongoing.

Your Sales team will love the YLBG Sales Tool login area which provides full visibility to your client info on the run.
Access all of your clients (including previous & prospects) and their contact details, both those advertised publicly and their personal information. The Sales Tool also includes:

  • Quick Search – The capacity to filter by Rep, Customer, their Status, even Suburb or Street will mean your Sales Team will have all of the information they need in a Sales Call at their fingertips. Waiting for an appointment? Search by street or suburb to see who else is nearby to call on.
  • Sales Notes & Flags – Need to remember to call on a client next time you’re in their area? Create a note against this client (only visible in the sales tool) and Flag it so it is highlighted in your list. It's a good way to record sales and even remember personal info to build better rapport on the next call.
  • Listing Performance – Review the individual performance of your client’s listings and use the "expanded graph view" so it takes up the whole screen when showing your clients.
  • Listing Details – Review the Ad Priority, Categories assigned to each client, all the advertised & private contact details and any start & end dates.
  • Quick Links – From the client’s page in the Sales Tool you will be able to quickly link to their page on the directory, Google Maps to get directions to their address, phone to call them and email.

Sounds great, but what are the costs?

To assist in modelling the effectiveness of adding a YLBG to your service offering, we’ve developed a Profit Calculator. We’ll illustrate with our model:

  • Your Income & Expenses for the initial 3 Years
  • Profits depending on your starting client numbers
  • Estimate your local market target / limit
  • Set your pricing for Standard and Feature Ads
  • Include the size of your Sales Team & set Targets
  • Factor in potential Free Periods
  • Allocate funds to reinvest in Google Ads

To assist in a successful implementation of Your Local Business Guide we will work with you and your team, providing assistance with its integration with your existing business processes as well as sales team training and ongoing support.

The package cost is charged monthly and is calculated at $6.00 +GST, p/month per listing.

The once off setup cost for the design and deployment of Your Local Business Guide is $8,900 +GST.

We’d love to meet with you and talk through the benefits of a YLBG and how it could strengthen your existing service offering, and with our profit calculator, see how you can be cashflow positive Year 1.

To find out more please contact us to arrange a time to discuss how a YLBG would fit with your business.

Connecting Residents with great Local Businesses

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